Pennsylvania DOC Offers Returning Citizens Instant Access to Finding Services Across the State
Date:  09-25-2014

Interactive map is also a useful resource for criminal justice professionals
In an effort to help people getting out of prison with transferring back into their communities the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections has created an interactive map that lists services in almost every county in the state.

Although all counties do not have every service available, the majority of them have at least some. When one clicks on a county a list of services pops up. Services include employment, food and clothing, housing, transportation, one-stop locations, domestic violence and victim rights agencies, organizations for veterans, as well as other service providers.

Of course, to access this interactive map of services one must have a computer or a smart phone. For those without either, reentry specialists should advise their clients where one might be able to take advantage of the map, such as one-stop centers, public libraries or perhaps at probation departments. Gant Daily reports that the Pennsylvania DOC will provide a flash drive with information from the interactive map on it to people who are released from prison.

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